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10/26/16 8:58 AM

Slowing the Progression of Arthritis

It is increasingly apparent that what is healthy for one’s heart is also good for one’s aching joints and knees.  Current research links significant associations between the types of dietary fat intake with structural progression of knee osteoarthritis.  Osteoarthirits (OA) also known as degenerative joint disease (DJD) is the most common chronic condition of the joints affecting more than 3 million people a year or 27 million Americans.  One in two adults will develop symptoms of OA in their lifetime (Arthritis Foundation, 2016).   Common risk factors for developing arthritis include increasing age, previous joint injury, obesity, joint overuse, weak supporting muscles, and genes.



However, top researchers in the field of nutrition science affirm that following a healthy diet may be an effective strategy for the management of knee osteoarthritis.  Furthermore, following a healthy diet and lifestyle is by far more attractive than medications with respect to (long term) risks/benefits.  The results of the following study offer hope for individuals searching for steps to limit the progression of OA.

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Written by Laura Kirkpatrick, PT.

Laura Kirkpatrick, PT is contributing author to our blog. She is a Physical Therapist with a Postgraduate certificate in Nutrition.

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10/25/16 12:50 PM


Do more than mask the pain, reduce or eliminate it. 


Exercise and manual therapy (including soft tissue and joint mobilizations) can help relieve pain, restore mobility and function and help reduce or eliminate pain. Pain is often cyclical and can be minimized or eliminated with musculoskeletal mobility.




Learn how to help treat yourself and become empowered with your care


There really isn’t a magic wand at PT! A Physical Therapist will do more than just address your injury or involved body part. We will look at you as a whole person and empower you with your care, giving you plenty of education and ways you can help yourself.



Become more active!

Learn to care for your body instead of suffer. There are so many studies that show that activity for 30 minutes per day helps to maintain healthy systems, from head to toe. A Physical Therapist promotes total health and wellness and can often be a good motivator to get you on track with your goals!




Prevent surgery

Often times, musculoskeletal injuries can be treated by PT and you can avoid surgery all together. The key is to get to know a PT soon after an injury so your pain and limitations do not become irreversible. Talk with your physician ASAP! 



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Written by Mary Smith.

Mary Smith, PT is currently practicing as a Physical Therapist in our Baldwinsville office. She specializes in (and enjoys) treating injured runners to get them back to their craft, or simply reaching their best.

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10/12/16 3:15 PM
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Written by Taryn Bader.

Taryn Bader, PT is currently practicing as a Physical Therapist in our Onondaga Hill location.

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