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Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

3/30/17 11:31 AM




It is estimated that approximately 50% of pregnant women will experience some kind of low back pain during their pregnancy, or during the postpartum period.  Of those that experience low back pain, only about 50% of them will seek advice from a healthcare professional; with only 70% of those women actually receiving treatment.




  • Mechanical:  Weight gain during pregnancy, increased abdominal size, shifting of the center of mass forward; all can increase the stress on the low back.  When the abdominal muscles stretch to accommodate the growing uterus, muscle fatigue typically occurs which results in an increased load on the spine.  Another common finding is weakness of their gluteus medius, or the outer glute/hip muscle.
  • Hormonal:  Relaxin is a hormone secreted during pregnancy, and it causes your ligaments to get lax, which in turn can cause your pelvis to become unstable.  This includes not only the SIJ (sacroiliac joint), but the entire low back resulting in instability of the pelvis and poor alignment of the spine.


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Written by Taryn Bader.

Taryn Bader, PT is currently practicing as a Physical Therapist in our Onondaga Hill location.

Topics: back pain, Low back pain, pregnancy, taping

Physical Therapist Expands Knowledge for Treatment of Dizziness

3/14/17 11:52 AM


On January 25th, 2017 physical therapist Julie Dmochowski, PT, DPT of Onondaga Physical Therapy attended a full-day seminar in Syracuse, NY titled: The Hands-on Guide to Vestibular Rehabilitation: Clinical Decision Making to Treat Vertigo, Dizziness, and Balance Disorders. The course consisted of over 7 hours of content and hands-on application of skills in order to most effectively evaluate and manage the dizzy patient.


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Written by Lauris Rigdon, PT.

Topics: balance