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8 Ways to Beat Arthritis

11/11/13 4:23 PM

Joint pain can have a variety of symptoms as well as treatments. Most are chronic (long-term) conditions and the goal of treatment is to control pain and minimize further joint damage. 

Combating arthritis most often involves a multi-pronged treatment approach, based upon your specific case. With the right health care provider, such as a Physical Therapist, and the know-how, you can battle the effects of arthritis! 

Prevent it...

Stop Smoking!

It has been shown that the risk of developing some forms of Arthritis significantly increases due to smoking.

Maintain a Healthy Diet.

Healthy eating habits help to supply your body with the nutrients it needs to maintain health and mend itself. Supplement if you are not getting all of those necessary nutrients. Recent research has shown the importance of vitamin C and other antioxidants in reducing the risk of Osteoarthritis and its progression.

Find out if you Have a Family History of Arthritis

Take the appropriate preventive action now - even if you currently have no joint pain symptoms.
Early Diagnosis & Treatment is Key

Early treatment will enable you to prevent, minimize and quite often even reverse joint damage.


Fight Back...

Combating arthritis most often involves a multi-pronged treatment approach based on your specific case that may or may not include:

Exercise & Stretching
A regular exercise and stretching routine is important to keep the body mobile and flexible. It helps to enable movement through the reduction of the related pain, maintain and increase range of motion, reduce fatigue, and it helps make you look and feel better!

Many drugs, both prescriptions and over-the-counter medications, are used to treat arthritis. Common medications are aspirin-free pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids and sleep medications.

Natural Supplementation
With age the body loses some of its natural ability to produce the nutrients required to maintain healthy joints. Natural supplements offer many short and long-term benefits that have proved valuable to a joint health plan.

Apply Heat Or Cold
Use of hot or cold therapy over joints may provide short-term relief from pain and stiffness.  Wondering whether heat or cold therapy is appropriate for you? One of our therapists would be happy to discuss your particular case and determine to best solution for your symptoms.

Written by Garry Campbell.

Garry Campbell, PT is currently practicing as a Physical Therapist in our Cicero office.

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