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The Big Toe - How Important Is It?

8/24/17 1:33 PM

The forefoot consists of the five toes and their connecting long bones, the metatarsals. Each toe (phalanx) is made up of small bones called phalanges. The phalanges of all five toes are connected to the metatarsals by metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joints at the ball of the foot. During efficient walking and running, the forefoot bears half the body’s weight and balances pressure on the ball of the foot, and the big toe joint (first MTP joint) should take on the majority of the push off force for forward movement.


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Written by Michele Gould.

Michele is a practicing Physical Therapist and Athletic Trainer and is a contributor to our blog.

Topics: running, foot type, feet


7/15/16 9:44 AM

Patients frequently ask me “What type of sneaker should I be wearing? Is there a certain brand that is better than others?” You have probably heard of the “Wet Test” as well- where you look at your wet footprint to categorize your arch as low, normal, or high and then try to fit a shoe to your arch type. Many runners have been categorized as an “over-pronator” and dreaded “heel-striker”. Recent evidence has shown that attempts to “fit” your arch to a certain type of shoe is actually no more beneficial than those who pick their sneaker based on comfort. However, there are so many shoe terms out there, it can become overwhelming when trying to determine which shoe to buy and differences between two pairs of sneakers. Where to start? Here is a guideline for basic shoe terminology that you may come across when purchasing your next pair of sneakers.

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Written by Julie Berube, PT.

Julie is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist currently practicing as a Physical Therapist in our DeWitt location.

Topics: tips, shoe fitting, running, feet