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What is a diastasis recti?

6/2/17 9:19 AM

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Diastasis Recti is a condition that typically occurs following a pregnancy in which the two halves of your abdominal muscle splits.  There may be a gap you can feel between the walls of the abdomen, usually around the belly button.  Occasionally there may be a bulge present, depending on the size of the diastasis.

Can it be fixed?


There is no real cure for a diastasis, but it’s size can be reduced with physical therapy.  If very large, it can be fixed with operation, but that is not common.

How does physical therapy help?


Physical therapy treatment will focus on retraining the abdominal muscles in a safe way that encourages the two walls to “come back together”.  By addressing abdominal weakness following a pregnancy, it is likely the entire core will be strengthened, which inadvertently can assist in any low back pain that may accompany this type of condition.

I’ve had it for a number of years, does that matter?


Maybe - Things like body mechanics, body awareness, muscular strength and control, physical condition, and weight are just as important to consider when treating for this condition.  There are many considerations during treatment, and how long someone has been “dealing with” a condition is just one of many.


How do I know if I have one and what exercises help?


Check out this video to learn more about what you can do to help!





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Written by Taryn Bader.

Taryn Bader, PT is currently practicing as a Physical Therapist in our Onondaga Hill location.

Topics: pregnancy, back pain