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What is a Physical Therapist Qualified to Treat?

5/19/17 3:27 PM

What is a physical therapist qualified to treat?

Like most professions, physical therapy continues to evolve as a profession. It is now a 6 year doctorate program. Within that time, we learn to treat people with orthopedic conditions, neurological impairments, cardiac issues, amputations, vestibular issues and more. Physical therapists are trained to work with newborns to geriatrics and everyone in between. After graduation, we have to pass a national test to become licensed to practice. To keep our license active, we have to complete 36 hours of education every 3 years. This is where we can choose courses to better ourselves in our specific setting and learn the most modern techniques! Below is a general (but not inclusive) list of conditions we treat in outpatient physical therapy:


  • Pre-operative and Post operative rehab
    • Back
    • Neck
    • Hip
    • Knee
    • Shoulder
  • Back and neck pain
    • Work injuries
    • Sciatica
    • Stenosis
  • Cervical and Lumbar disc bulge/herniations
    • Arm or leg numbness, tingling, burning
  • Arm pain:
    • Rotator cuff injury
    • Carpal Tunnel
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Golfers Elbow
  • Hip, knee and ankle pain 
    • Arthritis
    • Ligament sprains
    • Muscle strains
  • Overuse Injuries and Work Injuries
    • Tendonitis
    • Shoulder Impingement
    • Postural assessment 
    • Lifting techniques
  • Sports Injuries
    • Running pain
    • Ankle Sprain
    • Shoulder pain
    • Knee pain
  • Pediatric Musculoskeletal pain and injuries
  • Gait and balance rehabilitation
    • Fall prevention
    • Stroke rehab
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Amputation
  • Vertigo / BPPV / vestibular rehabilitation
  • Cardiac conditioning


Try Physical Therapy first! It’s a good place to start if you’re looking for a non-invasive, natural way to address your impairment(s). Don’t wait for your condition to get so bad it changes your lifestyle. Set up a physical therapy evaluation sooner than later so you can get to back to the activities you love.

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Written by Courtney Ryer, PT.

Courtney is currently practicing as a Physical Therapist in our Baldwinsville office.

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